Saturday, May 31, 2014

Anathema Knight

Sing to me your Siren song
though it be minor key
let it weave its tendrils
through the fabric of my heart

the broken wing the furrowed brow
the tear upon the cheek
accentuate mere beauty's
pull and put in sharp relief

exquisite agony which
summons, nay, demands
an offer - gentle word
or sweet caress in silence

draw comfort from the singing
and the sharing of the pain
there's beauty in the caring
through the darkness yet again

in my soul I am a Knight
heeding the tortured cry
though tarnished is my armor
and uneven is my gait

soon, as ever in the past
the knightly caring will
turn into clinging pestilence
warmth quickly becomes chill

the tarnish will grow deeper
armor's metal brittler still
and I will lumber on my way
anathema again

Monday, May 26, 2014

Time Delay Loss

It happened six seconds from now.

Six seconds after you opened the door
with a smile and an invitation
to explore ... to connect.

My seeing it for what it was
and is no more.

Crossing Tracks

And oh, that road is full of choices
each one starts a new byway
some are light and lead uphill
others down into the dark

some a detour 'round construction
or a friendly culdesac
where a weary traveler may
take a well deserved rest

others lead through tribulation
frostheaves potholes unpaved track
where the path is indistinct
and leaves the traveler all but lost

challenges of road and byway
seasoned travelers embrace
character is their reward
and with it self doubt is erased

the one true test upon this journey
comes when your path crosses mine
despite the miles and tribulations
I hope we are well met as friends

Inspired by Lyn Geist's poem The Road

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Just Being There

woven threads of solace
amidst angst and hurt and pain
a tapestry of multi-textured hues

no single form or color
universally correct
a palette of infinities to choose

one constant among caregivers
with notches in their belts
who heed the call to service far and wide

in answering the call
to rectify the hurt and pain
simple presence as a gift always abides

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tears of the Muse

in time a drop of water will
dissolve the hardest stone

in time the sea's caress will smooth
the sharpest shard of glass

in time the rains will turn a moun-
tain range to rolling hills

tears of the muse will melt
a frozen heart
in no time at all.

I know.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bookworm Red

although your cool disdain I felt
in flickered lid I saw
The flicker in the flicker
carried from your flaming locks

more than attention piques
to contemplate the fire within
the price this heart is but the ask
to hear it from your lips

but patience must win out
your coyness fans the flame
and spurs this steed to start the game.

A response to the poem Bookworm by R.C. deWinter


In the bosom of oasis
naught but you to fill my dreams

cares and worries insubstantial
limbs entwined eternal bliss

destination of this sojourn
looms close with the coming dawn

dream or dreamer comes the answer
as the latter stirs awake.

Inspired by Jeffrey A. White's untitled poem


this is a key
one of many

to a padlock
one of many

on a chain
one of many

with which we bind ourselves
in sorrow.

Use it.

Inspired by the poem Peace in Repentance by Dev Nischal

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Death of the Muse

the muse is fickle
she comes and goes
like a mother's tickle
on her baby's toes

if I were baby
and muse my mom
then orphaned I was
at a tender age

not by natural causes
nor a fated act
a crime most heinous
but devoid of passion

what killed my muse?
'twas the digital age
that opened the door
when the editor knocked

Sunday, May 4, 2014


On our nightly stroll through town
we linger at the harbor.

Sailboats in the fresh'ning breeze
chafe at their anchor lines.

I turn. You've wandered up the street
and started window shopping.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Words Unsaid

as potent as the words themselves
the lines that lie between

the words caress like fancy silks
those things we leave unsaid

like slivered glass or razors
leaving quiet trails of red

which we follow in that long goodbye.

Inspired by the Poem Words... by Uma Venkatraman