Sunday, August 28, 2016

elegant ascent

in evening's cool
on rocky shore
the moon is rising from the sea

the boys
they grunt and groan and heave
the bones of mother earth

inchoate goal
it seems to be
farthest out into the sound

but she
on edge of knotted mob
appears to count the stones

she sorts and weighs
with measured gaze
each of her candidates

until the one
so flat and round
so smoothly fit
into her hand

she strides
into that knotted mob
and with a practiced

save the whiz and skip
as earth flies to the moon

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the work of Katherine Johnson

Saturday, August 20, 2016

thin line

I wish there never had to be
destroyers floating on the sea
vessels better than those of war
are research ships forged to explore
myst'ries of uncharted deep
finding knowledge they can reap

Cousteau and Ballard would approve

but even they by pedigree
know ideals are a purity
reality eschews
bad actors often make the stage
politicos who foment rage
and plunder from those whom they save

they beat the drums of war

so those destroyers on the sea
the stick against bad actors be
a practical necessity
demands we vote responsibly

lest we be dogs of war

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Friday, August 12, 2016

thinly veiled

torrid dreamscape she's revealed
her supple curves aglow
beneath diaphanous veneer
of natural wand'rings it is clear
her passion carried always near
she's with me where I go
leisurely stroll about the hills
perhaps along the valley's rills
or where the surf's crescendo thrills
I hear her whispers sing
and as the day slips into night
dreamscape on wings surely takes flight
her hills alive as I alight
the rhythm gently builds
until the whispers turn to moans
and arching toward that sweet unknown
where parted lips and guiding hands
release the thunderstorm

rains and thunder soon recede
the dreamscape fades but not the need
her scent and feel the colors bleed
as dawn replaces night

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved


beach of rounded stones
appearances deceiving
barefoot walk to sea

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reflection on Destruction

old school mirror
silver crazed
parting from the glass

image layers
fogged in haze
reaching through the past

crystal spaces
sharp and clear
dreams have gone to seed

edges splintered
slivers near
ripe for ink to bleed

every morning's
mirror gaze
richer several fold

any praise
reflection's getting old

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Monday, August 8, 2016

tidal love affair

I sit upon the bones of earth where they
meet ocean's breath who gossips through the day
through countless ebb and flow the whisp'ring waves
beseech the bones of earth come and engage

to share some bit of grand terrestri'l lore
but silence only emanates from shore
indiff'rence does to silence not equate
the sea and shore exist at different rate

in time the shore responds to ocean's breath
his answer patience shows to her behest
the jagged countenance shore once displayed
is softened by the sea's caress allayed

oh would that I in bones of earth should melt
so ocean's love eternal could be felt

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Saturday, August 6, 2016

corporate acrostic

my work lends leaders clarity
unanimous acclaim
meets all my product output
by harmonious refrain
oh what a meaningful endeavor

just striking up the band
until the caco-PHONY is just slightly out of hand
marching to the drummer's beat
believing what we're told
oh goodness me we're lucky having leadership so bold

©2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved