Thursday, December 28, 2017


worshipping with words
the human experience
this tabernacle

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

swish of corduroy
brain freeze without the ice cream
late December stroll

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

any port

the eye is still
of the storm
or is it

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Inspired by Uma Venkatraman's untitled piece beginning with "You bring me a steaming cup of coffee".

Sunday, December 24, 2017


perhaps if I'd show some restraint
you'd pay a little mind
and arch an eyebrow or the like
while I explore in kind
the treasures you've put on display
but hadn't quite revealed
until you'd come to see my way
submitting to the feel
of rough attentions slowly
dealt within a velvet glove
both hot and cold administered
and lingered o'er with love
then on the cusp drawn back a bit
withheld like indrawn breath
to lengthen the experience
which fingertips and lips incite
as embers blown to flames ignite

perhaps when conflagration ends
with cuffs unbound
begin again

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Saturday, December 16, 2017

in which we learn from our mistakes

sometimes the cream
that rises up
is little more than scum

both left and right
and beats an evil drum

divisive and
fomenting lies and hate

distracting from
the work at hand
with spin that won't abate

while tendrils
quietly invade
and suck the body dry

naught but a
husk remaining to decry

the narcissistic
self promoting lot

we let engage
our baser selves
while they float up on top


how can we
overcome this spiral
vampiric decay

first pause and breathe
kindness wins the day

in every
be it large or be it small

the path to kindness
must be clear
or else we take the fall

and darkness
tempered not by stars
becomes our promised land


when leaders we've
anointed channel
orange hate and fear

they threaten
with their sneers and smirks
the things we hold

most dear
the freedom to be
who we are

despite prevail-
ing preferences
and sensibilities

these leaders as
they beat their drums
forfeit our fealty

and represent
not progress but
a selfish reality

which we taking
the higher road
vote irrelevancy

in favor of
the kindness which
our legacy becomes

in knowing there
is always time
to just vote out
the bums

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

California crisp

it started out west
a new confection
carmelized and smoky
what we thought tectonics
would render the seed
of a new Atlantis
actually a fuse
lit by the oligarchs
well ... really Beelzebub
in their name
he's heard that final Trump

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Inspired by one of RC deWinter's Shorties with Selfies.