Friday, April 29, 2016


as long as those we leave behind
remember what we've written
in word or deed in act or screed
the medium I do believe
is less important than the act of memory
which means in perpetuity
we've never left at all

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

inspired by Poet Desh​​​'s After I am gone...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

cometary timeout

she reached out
the other day

that unaccustomed channel
          long ago grown dark and musty
          with its windows sealed and shuttered
springing open in a flash
and filled with light and
was it
just the slightest touch of warmth

a space for conversation

not long before replies subside
the pattern reasserts
the light grows dim
and darkness brings the cold

comets never linger
near the sun

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Sunday, April 10, 2016


these words I read that resonate
a fool believes that they relate
a message meant for him

patience is my armor
and within this fortress
expectation holds no sway

you are welcome here
and there are snacks

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Saturday, April 2, 2016

over his head

like verse penned with great care
her words
mean more than
just what's written there

or are these doubts delayed
and ruminations
merely figments
of imagination

running fevered o'er ellipsis
betwixt lines perspective shift is
subtle and sublime

or height of hubris to believe
he's target of what is perceived

the truth in all this consternation
regarding what she said
and meant
the truth regardless of intention
right over head with heels
it went

© 2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved


the motley fits
just like a glove
it coruscates
and shines

attracting smiles
and glances
from the goddesses
so fine

but mostly it
puts up a wall
of armor
tissue thin

and in each caper
deftly hides
these foolish tears

©2016 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved