Tuesday, December 30, 2014


if all the media coalesce
about a single dream
with seams as smooth as sharkskin
fore to aft

if all the aspects intertwine
in helical gavottes
diurnal rhythm beating
at their core

if artist in the fire consumed
and ego disappears
as intuit immersion
catalytic commandeers

the reign of chaos
patterns finally make sense

is this art imitating life
or just life

Inspired by RC deWinter's Schizocreatophenia

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

Plans Laid

in the glass who do I spy
he looks a lot like me
but that was then and this is now
I'm not the him who he

had hopes and dreams of sculpting
from the me I was back then
the medium more tedious
than snapshot does reveal

and fraught with intersections
with the them whose dreams are real

I shouldn't interfere

for dia-logue devolves to tribe
negotiation does ensue
soon where we go bears no resemblance
to the where we had in mind

do all the plans go so awry
and is that really bad

or is the plan a messenger
who save for prompt delivery
should neither vilified nor lauded be

Inspired kinda sorta by Michael Veloff's Impromptu

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pay No Attention

Good men reduced
to catatonic reverie
while doctors spin
preposterous chicanery
and overwhelm
our sense of incredulity
with claims upon
margins of opportunity
which bleed away
our sense of self determinacy
until we wake and say no more

Inspired by RC deWinter's Dispatch from the Front

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

disparate shipmates

It may appear as if the squid
bear bitter enmity

How one can leave the other
mired in spite

Truth be told they share a bond
much deeper than the flesh

They like it!
for they both have been to sea

Inspired by comments of Chris Flegel​

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Eternal Quest

eternal quest
the knight grown tired
flagging heart
and soul stretched thin

endless battle
countless scars
friends and lovers
turned to dust

yet he lumbers
ever onward
tarnished grail
his tragic lust

Inspired by RC deWinter's Hanged man's Heart

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Auntie Poetry 1 (urbane)

*Auntie Poetry 1 (urbane)*

rhinestone studded cat's eye specs
pillbox hat with matching clutch
nicely tailored linen suit
atop sensible walking shoes

charismatic writing pen
notebook full of prompts and bits
of verse some more some less complete
on cocktail napkin scraps

rapier quick acerbic wit
eyes which often alternate
'twixt laser sharp and distant glaze
always tinged with bittersweet

Inspired by anti-poetry 2 by Michael French

Saturday, December 13, 2014


hoping for some verse today
I've written quite a lot.
when I step back and take it in
it's just a pile of rot-

ten self serving stanzas
moaning  ' bout the way things are
how I've been done
left out of fun

when, truth be told
the doer's me
sitting in my brooding chair
ignoring all things should be done

and people should be seen
given hand or clap on back
a ready smile a round well done
or just a glad you're here

looking on it makes me sad
and with that thought
another turn round spiral down
the darkness ever near

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bailey's at the Bar

Bailey's in the glass
fullness will never be reached
straw to nirvana

Straw to nirvana
plumbs depths beyond the bottom
drink your fill today

Drink your fill today
If tomorrow overflows
spilling all you have

spilling all you have
portal to a new delight
Irish cream lavage =-O 

Irish cream lavage =-O
cleanses body and soul. Time
to drown again

time to drown again
with cat-like impunity
lucky seven left

Lucky seven left
intoxicating senses
a sip every hour

A sip every hour
conversation in between
hearts start to simmer

Hearts start to simmer
fiery spirits light up eyes
drunk on power of words

drunk on power of words
sobered by the path they take
the scars in their wake

the scars in their wake
pucker up — wounded lips
waiting to be kissed

waiting to be kissed
anticipation overload
peeking while puckered

peeking while puckered -
senses reel at creamy touch
of liquid pleasure 

of liquid pleasure
enamored in the extreme
kiss walks out the door

kiss walks out the door
floating on lips made heady by
silky smooth caress

A progressive haiku collaboration by Uma Venkatraman and Frederick Andrew