Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Aggressor's Momentum

Between two foes the battle joined oft goes
where brute's force concentrates.

Unless the lesser, keen about her wits,
Stokes the furnace of the raging bull

Goading him into a bellowed charge
from which she deftly steps aside

And helps him on his way. Groundward.
Proving, once again, Less ... is More.

Inspired by Ivan Carswell's The Proper Way

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Making Fire

Chance encounter.
Spoken words.
Glances 'cross the aisle.

Breaking bread.
Knowing little smiles.

Fuel & tinder
All arranged
Do I strike the match?

Whale Song (Blue)

Singing cry into the void.
Longing for communion.
In reply the echoes fade away.

As the echoes fade away
Bitter tears begin to fall,
A futile ploy to fill the emptiness.

Through the teardrop lenses
shadows flicker on the verge.
Perhaps their serenade is lonely too?

Shadows may sound whisper near,
the trick of tear borne song.
An ocean's distance telescopes between.

Crying song into the void.
Longing for communion.
In reply the echoes slowly die.

Inspired by Lynn Paden's truly alone
and Alice.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Aquatic Prune

I used to be a swimmer
when I was just a lad.
Once in a while
I'd come out of the pool.

Wrinkles upon wrinkles
on my fingers and my toes
a bite to eat
and back to join the school ...
... of fish kids!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I will forever know my muse
Despite the fact she's gone.
The space she filled remains.


Saturday, March 8, 2014


Shared intimacy that's gone sour
                                                          friendship, love, or confidante
burns a sinkhole in your heart
that fades but leaves a scar.

Too long they fill your waking hours
                                                              confidante, friendship, or love
and populate your night time dreams
incessant might have beens.

It happens o'er a stretch of time.
                                                        love, friendship, or confidante
Boredom, coolness creeps between.
The brightness turns to flint.

A calculation chasm grows.
                                                friend, or love, or confidante
you second guess your every move.
in hopes to bridge the gap.

Where once were smiles eye-rolls remain.
                                                                         confidante, or love or friend
Too forced, the conversation dies
with silence in it's wake.

Quite soon you find yourself alone.
                                                          No lover, friend, or confidence
Your thoughts turn inward, down, and dark.
The scar begins to throb.
(fade to black)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Psychic Vampire

I am the psychic vampire, visage suave and debonair.
I make a good impression at the start.

You feel a warm connection and your smile invites me in.
Then my tendrils wrap themselves about your heart.

And contract.

Solitary Jester

Your verse touches my heart.

I write a warm response.

You gaze over my shoulder.