Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ruff Life

there was a young canine named Duke
'bout eating he was resolute
location? no trouble
in or out? on the double
this Al Fresco guy's taste? It was moot

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Angle

smaller or farther away
perspective is the key
which unlocks the enigma
of world 3 mapped to 2D

or should it be perspectives
wresting answers from views plural
when the image does confound
step back think orthogonal

and walk around the corner
take that 90 degree turn
the truth will be revealed
a new dimension you have earned

no doubt mssrs picasso
escher and of course dali
studied these perspectives
worked with them exhaustively

leaving us with images
geometric and surreal
which in 2D render the 3
artistically revealed

so ... what of this is take away
what lesson should we glean
I think self evident the answer is

a thing that is worth knowing
should be studied from all sides
any less it should remain unseen.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Come In

the invitation that you seek
by nature is reciprocal
so deep inside these fortress walls
to see is to be seen

observer and observed will merge
and change much like the light of day
will change a dark and musty room
from dungeon to museum

so come ahead and take my hand
together we will stroll
and as the boundary 'twixt us blurs
something new unfolds

a response to RC deWinter's anybody home?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New and Improved

in the place of my return
there's no return at all
although co-ordinates align
this place I can't recall

moving on I gave the nod
though only tacitly
for place to move along as well
and differently from me

such hubris I reflect and frown
marked by disdain so clear
that I expect conformity
with memories held dear

as if the universe revolves
about a cog that's me
disquiet sets me on my ear
and turns my nascent plea

to giggle, chuckle, then guffaw
as cosmic punchline played
blossoms in my fevered brain
and fever does allay

at my expense the goddess jokes
leaving ajar the door
where once a tattered memory
a new world to explore

Monday, September 1, 2014

Cog: Dream Displaced

in the mind's eye of the youth
a dream starts to unfold
the books he reads
span many leagues
lend fire to his own
flights of imagination
grandiose that he'd make real

in time, in time, my padawan
the path you choose is long
the tools to make the tools that build
the parts and pieces of your dream
must first be honed and mastered
put your shoulder to this wheel

patient by his nature, youth
wades out into the stream
he finds the flow
and with it goes
trusts blindly that his dream
swims somewhere in the current
just around a bend or two

your work is good, my padawan
it's clear you have a knack
for grasping what we put in reach
assembling the things we teach
so finely honed and mastered
in the pattern of our dream

now the stream to river's grown
youth takes his task in hand
he stays the course
despite the cost
of lesser paths forgone
whose aim and destination
hew more nearly to his heart

so pleased, so pleased, my padawan
your trust in us you've placed
the diligence with which you trod
as through the tedium you plod
so finely honed and mastered
earns the title Senior Cog

Senior now and all but spent
he takes some time to gaze
the river's run
is all but done
adrift upon the sea
and lacking in direction
begins his solitary swim at last.

Box O' Donuts

Box o' donuts
on the table
jelly, chocolate
frosted maple

make a mock'ry
of my diet
shirt untucked may
keep it quiet

certainly it's
nice to share ...
but empty box
is all that's there!

whence the bakery dessert?
where else?
'neath yon untucked shirt!

Inspired by the poem Cupcake Canticle (of Ecstasy) by Cheryl KP

Coffee Musings

is life off the grid
more or less a daily grind?
pour another cup