Sunday, November 29, 2015

nefarious triangle

the model and reality
diverge on former's acc'racy
'til the chasm in-between
reveals itself a lie

though intent may not have been
the author's errors have crept in
to fuel a third's perception
of an eddy to be robbed

© 2015 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the poem No Words by Michael French

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


on an odd midweek holiday
when both could have slept in

she awoke with a start
to the sounds of pots and pans
liberal - in the sense of magnitude
and water

she found him in the kitchen
cleaning oatmeal
from the crevices of
their twenty year old range

oatmeal rice
any kind of grain
potatoes pasta
all turn out the same

on high 'til they bubble
cover turn it low
then there comes the trouble
soon they overflow

silly turn it lower

he lost his steam
and pouted

she took him gently by the arm
headed back upstairs
and proved his point

© 2015 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


the thunder of artillery
mechanical annihilation
grim reports of all the costs
this human degradation
the armistice has morphed into
a glorious celebration
of victory
with fireworks
and toasts
of sailors kissing nurses
as we revel in the slaying of the dragon
while the fire still burns
in each of us
keep the watch

© 2015 Frederick Andrew ~All Rights Reserved

in my fevered dreams

once upon my head your hands
your pleasure gently helped me find

where swell of breast my lips and tongue
and teeth do help give rise

while knowing fingers ply a course
which brings an indrawn breath
then draw away to make this play
last longer with a rest

once upon my head your hands
your pleasure gently helped me find

where nibbled lips an arch beget
with moans not far behind

and soon the earth does shudder
as the waves lap flower's bud
deliberately slowing
to extend the rising tide
and pause
before the waves do crest and break

once upon your hips my hands
do gently guide to higher ground
ecstatic revelations
of carnal joys that may be found
as paradigms and prejudice
in love
come tumbling down

© 2015 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved


and so they sit in seminal divide
though quarters close and likely to remain
united in the penance they provide
from fellowship at all costs they abstain

two students theologically inclined
at seminary to expand their view
by fundamental precepts each confined
and so each other's sect they must eschew

on campus noted for embracing all
and architecturally well endowed
the students sit in silence like a pall
in dorm betwixt two domes of great renown

the bosom of our Mother's sacred Grace
her cleavage chilled in that divided space

© 2015 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Saturday, November 7, 2015

weighty matters

two words "Why not"
supported by a dagger laden stare
mid sentence stopped
I closed my mouth
surveyed the evidence there
the latest weight with all the rest
described a great plateau

and so beneath that daggered stare
Weight Watchers has another

© 2015 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved


the day before was birthday cheer
a little in excess
today I hold my head in hands
a green and bilious mess
but through it all this quirky smile
is plastered on my face
wish I could just remember what
it was that earned its place

alas I must draw comfort from
the fact that it is there
for that's the cost
the memory's lost
I'll toast it with the hair ...
... you know ... of the dog

© 2015 Frederick Andrew. ~ All Rights Reserved