Sunday, November 25, 2018

new england appreciation

it's pretty but it's cold
though upon waking former holds
won't be long before that's old
and latter fills the stage

along with memories of the dream
shorts barefeet and sunshine seem
to fill the waking hours

there was a time not long ago
SoCal weather had no fro
and to that made it extra sweet
when viewed from other end of street
'cause both were just alike

summer and the early fall
the sweet spot found amidst it all
the mud the snow and ice

let's not forget the freezing rain
nor'east driven sideways pain
slick roadways no brakes can tame

grateful for my oil bill
and frozen hands October until
May when I begin to drift
to slumber brief
when dream's alive
warm and sweeter than this winter jive

© 2018 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

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