Friday, December 28, 2018


despite the thinning gray
the aches and creaks
the tarnish on the armor
which stands not quite as straight
to you I'd take a knee
driven by a lithesome blow
that leaves me without breath hollow

let it be
the opportunity
to pass a word or three
provide a helping hand
or try
beget a smile
establish repartee
a surrogate intimacy
that I alone will see

a part of me
wishes to unravel you
to threadbare
where all of your enticings
remain barely out of view
and touching
in the mind's eye is
as close as a suggested
double meaning left alone

let it be
the electricity
between you and me
never stated
and at least
from where I stand
never invisible

there is some relevance
some vigor some desire
which expressed off hand
may be accepted

let it be
between you and me
a silent understanding
had the tides aligned
what isn't
could have been

© 2018 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

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