Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Popham in late afternoon

beset by gulls we lounge upon the sand
on Disney beach towels
Ariel and Ursula embrace me
the tide is low lower than ever I remember
yesterday's humidity is just that
the air is clear and warm
the susurrus of waves propels my reverie
but not enough to let the gulls
upend the cooler down the strand

she walks seaward stopping on occasion
collecting and examining the bits of intertidal treasure
she always finds
how lucky I am in the midst of all this impermanence
she always turns and brings her treasure home

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Friday, July 21, 2017

hell(p) desk supplicant

I come to you with hat in hand
as you have knowledge, I understand
which may relieve a nagging pain
that’s strong and sharp and in my brain

I think it comes from our friend Bill
who set us on this path we till
so many years ago
when once at Xerox on a screen
he spied a cursor move it seemed
as if in search of cheese

I am a rat inside his maze
with walls that move within the haze
between the objects libraried
in seemingly obtuse series
and yes I guess one might suppose
viewed not through Gates only windows

I do know what advice will come
now that the ritual has begun
you'll tell me turn it off then on
and though my problem won't be gone
our dance will render me serene
lulled by familiar sight and scene

I come
I think
I am
I do
whatever code I'm tethered to

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Friday, July 14, 2017

Requiem for a Duke

he is going and I know it
it is written on his face
in the grayness of his muzzle
and the way he stays in place
'til I call him twice or three times
when I get inside the door
he isn't up to greet me
like he always was before

oh but once he makes his entrance
even though he's not quite spry
there's little doubt he loves it
when I get down to say hi
and tell him all about my day
'twixt nuzzles and the licks
his language of forgiveness
he repeats until it sticks

because rescue is the term we use
describing how we met
about who and whom we get confused
it's mutual I guess
although in my heart I know it
must be him that made me safe
despite the fact before my home
the shelter was his place

but far too soon to comprehend
his time is growing thin
his body battles weakly
'gainst the demon lodged within
his spirit never falters
though his eyes often grow dim
I struggle with the knowledge
time is near to release him

I remember most the head bumps
and the zoomies 'bout the yard
excitement for the biscuits
and the walks both near and far
but best of all were quiet times
with belly rubs and pats
and kisses on that big dog head
and every little chat.

and sitting on the top step
of the deck stairs out in back
keeping tabs upon his kingdom
calm alert for all attacks
whether squirrel or bird or antlered
any foe would turn and run
from his brown eye blue eye pirate gaze
one look and they'd be done

just as I was the first time
by that gaze my heart was stung
and just as fast forgiven
baptised by his big dog tongue
Akita pitbull terrier
my Duke
the only one

he came home on that first day
to a promise freely made
the sting now reasserts itself
the promise has been paid
in full
my Duke's forever home

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 13, 2017

cold comfort

phthalates in box mac and cheese
nitrites in the franks
neonics that kill the bees
the standard in seed banks

they say we hurt the ones we love
the ones by whom we're blessed
it seems our diet's taken note
our favorites love us best

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Ivy that damn sneaky bitch
she crept up from behind
bestowing her exquisite itch
where sun don't norm'ly shine
my gait's assumed an awkward hitch
remarkable most find
and I've a new relationship
her name is Calamine

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved

Inspired by unfortunate events.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


shallow water here about
takes several eons to wade out
to anything substantial

time I can't afford to spend
mind numbing small talk without end
the cost beyond financial

I crave oceans of great depth
enough to sail and dive bereft
of constant fear
the bottom's near
full of mysteries to plumb
adventure beyond ken of sun
where darkest night
to hope gives flight
that I just might
perceive your light

© 2017 Frederick Andrew ~ All Rights Reserved.

Inspired by one of  RC deWinter's Shorties with Selfies.